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Collect Visa & Mastercard Payments without a fee

Use it for  *Auction Payments,  *Send Money by Email,  *It's Secure!
Use PayPal to settle debts and collect money from friends. Or use to buy and sell items at online auctions, classified
sites and personal web sites. is always fast, free and
secure. See how it works - click here.

PayPal is currently available to email users in the U.S. and will
introduce its service to international users soon.

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PayPal makes your auction payments quicker, easier and more
secure than ever before. Buyers can now make instant payments
and any seller can now accept credit card payments. Best of all,
the service is completely free.

SEND MONEY OVER THE INTERNET's free person-to-person payment service allows you to send money to anyone with an
email address. You simply enter the recipient's email address and a dollar amount. The money is charged to the sender's PayPal account or credit card and credited to the recipient's account. The recipient is notified of the payment by email and opens an account at to claim the money.  See how it works - click here.

It's easy!
Sending money is as easy as sending email. Just log in to your PayPal account and choose Send Money. Enter your friend's email address and the dollar amount. She will receive an email informing her of the payment and can register at to claim her money.

It's fast!
The transaction takes only a few seconds to complete and the
recipient is instantly credited with the money.

It's free!
PayPal's electronic payment service is completely free.
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It's secure!
All transactions are conducted through our secure servers, which
are protected behind state-of-the-art firewalls. Your financial
information, such as credit card and bank account numbers, is kept
private and the only personal information the recipient sees is your
name and email address.